Brand Positioning

Utopia Food + Fitness


The diet, fitness and weight-loss space is very crowded and very noisy, shouting a barrage of false promises. When Utopia Food + Fitness was ready to implement branding and marketing, we knew it would be all too easy for the same old messaging to be tuned out by consumers, so we took a fresh, real approach.

Utopia Food Fitness mom and girl

Luckily, Utopia isn’t just another diet or fitness program. It’s rooted in cold, hard science and, oh yeah, it actually works. We know because we did the program and our scales and our too-big clothes don’t lie.

Utopia Food Fitness testimonials

TDG completely redesigned the Utopia website with a user experience that highlights the ease and effectiveness of the program.

Utopia Food Fitness website

Utopia is about much more than reaching a goal weight, however. It’s about transforming every aspect of people’s lives. Getting off insulin. Less time cooking and working out, more time with your family. Improved confidence. More energy to keep up with your toddler.

Social media was the perfect place to bring this aspect of the brand to life, and our original content resonated with consumers. Average post engagement increased from six to 51, and the daily click-through rate to the Utopia website increased from four to 157.

Utopia food fitness

The Utopia brand cuts through the diet and fitness industry clutter by focusing on science, the unique combination of food and fitness under one roof, and the real reasons why members join and stay. TDG’s new brand ethos extends to every touchpoint with the consumer, even packaging.

Utopia Food Fitness stickers
Utopia Food Fitness Packaging

TDG also guided the development of the in-store brand experience. As new locations opened, custom murals by local artists, including Brennan Bechtol and Kyle Steed, were curated by TDG, giving each store its own unique vibe. TDG designed complementary window graphics and also developed the vision for each store location, including interior finishes and build-outs.

Utopia Food Fitness mural