Influencer Marketing

Northwood Retail/The Shops at Park Lane


Good news/bad news. Northwood Retail was adding a first-to-market retail concept, F21 RED, to its lineup at The Shops at Park Lane in Dallas (YAY!). The catch: Forever 21 Corporate had not allotted a grand opening budget to introduce the public to this unknown store (YIKES).

The key to creating buzz about F21 RED was education. The target audience needed to know a) that the store was opening and b) what the store’s concept was and how it differed from the very well-known Forever 21.

The Shops at Park Lane F21 01

The strategy: the best way to reach Millennials and Gen Z-ers is through other Millennials and Gen Z-ers.

The Shops at Park Lane F21 02

Local Dallas influencers with healthy social media followings were invited to a private pre-grand opening shopping event, where they documented and shared their experiences on social media.

In total, 19 influencers generated 675,000 impressions, and grand opening day proved to be the most successful sales day of the year for F21 RED at The Shops at Park Lane.

The Shops at Park Lane F21 4